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Anjana, Age 39

I started doing therapeutic yoga with Rachel to address my chronic shoulder and neck tension. Through this work, I have learnt a lot about my own body, most importantly that I hold the key to unlocking this tension. After just a few sessions, I can feel the difference and now will rely less on massages and other outside means for “quick fixes.”. I definitely plan to continue doing therapeutic yoga and recommend it as a holistic, self-empowering method to undo chronic tension or pain.

Melinda, Age 50

After countless visits with several PT’s, a chiropractor, and my doctor for chronic lower back pain, I met with Rachel to explore how yoga could potentially help ease my pain rather than add to it. After just a few private sessions, Rachel was able to help me get in touch with muscles in my core and lower back that were unconsciously “clenched”, and she showed me ways to do simple yoga poses that relieved the pain I was experiencing in yoga classes. She also helped me figure out that overdoing a good thing isn’t a good thing, and where to draw the line!  I’m not sure where my back pain would be without those few sessions with Rachel.  I use what she taught me on a daily basis to combat tension and reduce my back pain.  I highly recommend trying a few sessions with Rachel if you are experiencing pain…especially, if nothing seems to be working!

Laura, Age 58
The wonderfulness of Rachel..she observed how I was moving, she taught me how to move purely, not a quick fix but a long term one.  The positions and movements,  feel natural and now my work, with Rachel’s guidance, is replacing the old with the new.

Betsy, Age 73

Following Rachel’s caring and gentle direction, I like to think of “Therapeutic Yoga” as “Mindfulness Yoga”- slowing down and focusing on the breath and what is really happening within my body – rather than the body perfect of what I envision from the yoga pictures. Rachel’s expertise has helped me feel the bones and the muscles of my body – to relax those that have become dominant and to strengthen those that are lazy – in an “effortless effort” synchronization of my movement. With her keen eye and her knowledge, Rachel has me work on areas that may be causing me pain rather than on the pain area itself which wonderfully has eliminated a lot of muscle pain. She has taken my yoga practice and daily movement to a whole different level. And it has been fun!

Karen, Age 52

I have been dealing with pain from a hip flexor for several months and low grade headaches and lower back pain for the past seven years. I decided to try yoga to rebuild strength and flexibility and went out on Studiovibe’s website and found that they offered Therapeutic Yoga. So I scheduled a few one on one sessions with Rachel in January. I experienced relief from the hip flexor pain after the first session! Rachel gave me exercises to work on at home as well.

Each session I have with Rachel yields results and new discoveries on how my body has compensated over the last several years from sitting at a desk and working on a computer. After one of my sessions, we were able to bring awareness to my posture and the natural curvature on my spine. Wow, how much relief I got from adjusting my perception of the spinal alignment. We have built on that awareness to the point that my hip flexor pain is totally gone and the lower back pain is diminishing. I walk more relaxed, hence, my other efforts to increase my flexibility and strength in my legs and lower back are progressing. Now we are working on releasing the area around an old shoulder injury and my headaches, which are starting to diminish.

I highly recommend you schedule a trial session with Rachel to work on chronic issues with pain or reduced range of motion and general well-being.