The Exchange

On this day, the Winter Solstice, the darkness abounds. It creeps past the edges of the night and seeps into the corners of the waking day. It envelopes us with its lustrous robes and invites heaviness and depth of soul.

Seemingly in reaction and most definitely in stark contrast, our holiday season can fight the darkness with its flurry of sensory input. It can overwhelm our analyzing / categorizing / discerning brains with a plethora of sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures. Combine sensory overload with our culture’s push for “MUST. MAKE. THIS. CHRISTMAS. THING. PERFECT!!! !!!” and it can quickly become one humongous boulder to push up the hill of December.

And we all know there is more. And there is less.

The joy of the season lies not in the doing but in the feeling. Truly the feeling of what is happening. And if we are moving too fast or doing too much, we have no time to absorb the feeling.

Children know the feeling. They lack the desire to control the season and instead lean into its surges.

These surges are in fact the very sensations in your body that translate into joy (light and open) and mourning (heavy and closed). And they come in intense doses during this time of year. To feel this life is to be. And to be is to live with faith, love and trust that there is more than our small vision of perfection. There is more than our constructs of tasks and accomplishments and events. There is a broader and all encompassing perfection of feeling that invites and embraces both sadness AND joy in their rawest forms. And that releases the mindstuff of shame for our feelings in return for the gift of humility and self compassion for our feelings.

Love yourself as you love your child or your pet or your parent or nature – with infinite compassion and unconditional acceptance. In choosing to slow down and allowing the waves of feeling to crash and lap within us, may we discover Christmas – and life – anew.

Be ever so well,

Riding Truth

I sit on the couch in my living room, cat at my feet, blanket on my lap, Christmas tree to my left and an expanse of huge hard wood trees in front me dropping their leaves with all the time in the world. ‘Tis time to write…


I just took a time out from this sitting to attend to Ruthie – my 4 year old – whom I heard wailing softly in her bedroom. Rest time in our house is more aptly titled Alone Time. Some family members sleep for the hour and a half. Some play quietly. Some write their newsletters. It all depends upon the day as to how each member fills their time but each one of us has at least 90 minutes mid-day of being alone. Each kiddo must be in their room for the period. (Don’t ask me what I’ll do as they get older because I just go with now and it’s worked for the last 7 1/2 years so day by day we proceed.) Ru Girl’s norm is to play with her cars or trains, build a library or play dress up (yes, all alone and with her door closed) for the 90 minutes. But, when her body, mind, or emotions are toasted, she has a pattern of tears in the mid to late portion of the rest period. This is rare. It is only a couple of times a month that her body needs the sleep and not just the retreat from people, sounds and the plethora of mental gymnastics that encompass a day of being human.

And then there is my colorful internal thought train in reaction to her wailing:
“Bah! Ru is crying. Don’t wake Nora up! It’s so frustrating when this happens. I’m trying to write my newsletter and this is by far the best time to do it (since I’ve avoided it for a week or so). How totally inconsiderate of her!”

Simultaneously, my heart speeds up in my chest and crawls up toward my throat. The blood in my head starts pulsing more intently and my eyes squint. Oh boy. My reptilian brain through these awesome signals of my nervous system firing ON ON ON says “Your very survival is threatened right now! You will self destruct if all does not right itself!!!”

Seriously? Yes, seriously. My nervous and limbic system think this is life or death and I can even feel the tension and stiffness in my neck from my classic freeze response.

Sigh. Oh, sweet Rachel, you glorious mammal of the animal kingdom.

I think you and I are both pretty clear that this is not life or death. I’m just frustrated (that word is more socially acceptable than what I wanted to write) that I’m not getting my way.

And so, the Practice that is now innate to me kicks in next. Pause and feel me and how my body is reacting. Sit with it and notice the discomfort and rigidity. Then breathe and notice how the slightest softening comes on its own. I don’t have to consciously DO anything for this release. As I sit in my muck and see myself honestly while feeling my body as well, the rigidity of my “rightness” softens just a hint.

Scars and all are bathed in the light of the Christmas tree. And – who knew? – the leaves and trees are still there outside the window.

As I soften inward, I now physically go to Ru. I explain to her that her body is telling us it is tired through her frustration with some buttons. I help her get the dress on that she wants to wear for her rest. (Yes, you read that correctly.) And then I tuck her in (again – we already did this before rest time) and she closes her eyes and surrenders.

This holiday season, lean in to those around you. Lean in to sharing your story, sharing your truth, sharing your trust. Lean in to the fact that we’re all doing our best that we know how to do right now. Lean in to feeling your body when the self-judgment starts to shake its heavy and loud shackles. And lean in when you can watch another person embrace support or love, and you can see opportunity to mirror their grace in your own being.

Be ever so well,

Time to Be

My expansive gratitude this Thanksgiving is in the release of perfection and the embrace of what is here. I sit in untethered awe at the windows and doors that I am opening and that are opening by the winds that swirl around me. I reflect with intense depth of sensation – feeling it cascade from heart down into my belly – for those that carried me before I could carry myself. Parents, grandparents, siblings, dear friends, husband, children, teachers… they provided the space that was safe for me to ultimately step out of doing and into being. And for that, I am eternally grateful. And forever more me.

“Watching morning break, I realize again that darkness doesn’t kill the light – it defines it. I believe that now. For years, I didn’t. I believed that I was my failures, mistakes, misjudgments, shortcomings and wrongs. But I’m not those things. I am the light that shines from my faith, my courage, my willingness to be vulnerable and to be responsible and accountable. Moments of darkness only highlight that truth these days. I’m moving beyond shame. I’m basking in the light of my own recovery and the brilliance that comes from allowing myself to be seen as I am, warts and all. I’m not just those warts, either – I’m the frog who wears them, gradually becoming a prince.”
– Richard Wagamese, Embers

For this crazy, heartbreaking, joy filled thing we call life together, I thank you for being you. Beautiful, perfect, amazing and unlimited potential… YOU.

Be well,


There is a fire that is kindling inside of me. As my center of self settles into this messy beautiful dance of being – and deeply supporting others as they explore less pain and more ease – I become more and more familiar with the shameful voice that wants to extinguish that persistence. The voice that questions “What exactly, little Missy, do you think you have of value to add to the amazing teachers out there?” And, simultaneously, I become more and more familiar with the soft voice of purity and wisdom that affirms “All is well, Rachel. Step sweetly into courage and discomfort.” Excuse my language here but I am lovingly dubbing this second voice:
“See my shi!, own my shi!.”

Although quite frankly this loving and sweet voice never curses. That’s my fiery judgment layer on top of it.

Yup. Here I am.

Speaking of stepping into discomfort, I had the distinct pleasure of working with a group of 9 PTs and OTs last week in sharing therapeutic yoga. (Yes, I hear the paradox in that sentence and both sides are truth.) These incredible practitioners slowed down, felt in and embraced less is more in a beautiful way. One of the awesome points that I heard from them is that rehab is just the beginning to health. Ah, yes – if we can step into the space of being in our bodies for awareness and real power, what wisdom and longevity do they have to offer us?
We do not know our own potential to feel better.

I’ve also reflected with a couple of PTs recently on how we’re not taught how our bodies move. We learn how to read books, how to read numbers and equations, and perhaps how to read music but no standard education teaches us how to read and trust our bodies.

Say what?

If you’re ready to learn more about this amazing body and how it is working for you in ways you don’t even realize, I have a limited number of spots available in a pop-up therapeutic / hatha fusion class. Come explore what it is like to move with more ease, spaciousness and acceptance of what is.

Saturday, November 18th at Long Life Wellness Center
with Rachel Manetti of Pure Resilience Yoga
1:30-3:00 p.m.
Hatha / Therapeutic Yoga ($20)
Following the tenets of my therapeutic yoga private work, we’ll explore movement, stillness and breath to downshift out of the head and arrive in the wisdom of our bodies. There can be a tendency to use yoga as well as other physical movement to escape our everyday. In this practice, ground into the awesome reality of your body and its golden potential. Please email me to register.

Be well,

Hot Spot

My left ear is burning right now. If you were to see it, it would be poker red hot. I haven’t looked at it in a mirror but I know this sensation well. There is also a slight numbness in my jaw and a needle like tension around T2-T3 in my upper back. I feel thick in my head, mouth and throat. I am cold. Wrapped up in a sweater and blanket even though it is a lovely and mild fall day.

So what is up? It sounds like symptoms to some virus coming on. But they’re not. These are all familiar sensations. In fact, they’re not bad at all. They’re very low level anxiety. And they are my body’s way of saying that in this case:

“You know what you have to do. And until you do it, I am going to try to get your attention over and over and over again in all the most unpleasant ways possible. Because, hey Rachel, you don’t actually notice me when I am quiet. You only notice me when I’m cranky so I’ll be as cranky as possible. Until you take care of that thing you have to do.”

To which my mind’s reply is something like:
“Body! I hear you! But I don’t know what the heck I need to do. You say ‘You know what you have to do.’ but I don’t! I don’t know at all!”

This exclamation is actually quite similar to a 2 year old’s tantrum.

And it’s baloney. (I did just search that to ensure I’m spelling it correctly for this context.) I know exactly what I have to do but I don’t like it. I don’t like the discomfort of feeling this way – avoiding the “to do” with all my dig in my heels might – but I don’t want the discomfort that I associate with the “to do” itself either. 

I could totally throw up my hands and dig my heels in deeper avoiding THE action. I affectionately call that my “Screw it” response. “If I push through and ignore it then maybe it will go away.” And it might. For a while. But undoubtedly it will be back.

Or I can take a breath, support myself with whatever I need to feel just a tad more ease in that very moment – hot tea, my therapeutic yoga practice, a warm sweater, my husband beside me, talking with a friend, a nidra, meditation, a warm bath, watching the kids play – whatever – and I can then step humbly into “being-within-action.”

In short, when the time is right and I have my feet on the ground, I can have courage. I’ve tested this play over and over and I know the discomfort of pre-action is actually a totally different breed than the discomfort of being-within-action. And I also know that the space on the other side of action…. that space is blessed stillness.

Here I go.

Be well,

What Awaits?

Well, we’re off. I am grateful to have an incredible group of individuals that are joining me on my first “Embrace the Space” venture. The week 1 video went out this Sunday morning and all are taking time today to realistically plan their upcoming week of practice, to introduce themselves to some new movements, and to consider what it is like to reclaim space.

Meanwhile on the creating end, I walk my talk and step back from the doing to Be. My excitement and nervousness clatter around for this baby step of an online program and my go-go self could clean this house top to bottom with the adrenaline pumping in my system. But the space I carved on my calendar days ago directs me otherwise. I sit on the porch in the thick October air and hear the trees move. The rain fall. Touch the cat curled up beside me. I write to reclaim the wellspring of thoughts that swirls around in my head and heart space.

My calendar IS my yoga mat. It is where I make space and take up space. It is where I zoom out every Friday and look to the following week with understanding of what is most important to me – this weeknight free or that entire Saturday with nothing scheduled – and then I work AROUND those chunks of space. No longer do I schedule and then try to catch a breath at the remaining slivers of space. Now, I start with the space I desire and build around that negative space.

I say my calendar is my yoga mat because we do the same thing in our practice. Our shape – whatever traditional asana or smaller therapeutic exploration we are doing – takes up space. We move our joints and bodies in different ways and as we do so, we experiment with “How can I fill space differently than I usually do?”. And there is always space surrounding us. And within us. Between muscle and bone. Between muscle and muscle. Between muscle and skin. Outside of skin.

Before you enter a yoga pose, explore what spaciousness and ease of breath exist at your baseline – perhaps simply standing in tadasana or in a preliminary savasana. These sensations are sacred. Can you retain that baseline and go only as far into the pose as ease and spaciousness reside within you? Can you grow your ability to do more work and take on more stress (what I call load) while retaining that baseline of ease?

Yes, I know you can.

Perhaps practice with your calendar. When you step back, what time is sacred to you? Perhaps there is a certain time of day or of the week or even of the month that you wish to protect and then you use THAT SPACE as the foundation for proceeding. Just as on your mat you practice proceeding only to the point of ease and spaciousness, can you think about scheduling your calendar around sacred space? I know this can feel far sighted and tricky at first… both the trade-offs and the old D.A.R.E. tagline “Just say NO!” can both feel a bit overwhelming in making and honoring the space you choose. And I know that with practice, it can feel totally natural.

Richard Wagamese was a phenomenal reflector and writer. I turn to him a great deal for solace and light. On this grey day dense with humidity, I share a taste of his cool quiet from the book Embers.

“A world so still you swear you can hear her breath. Snow glitters with points of light flung like stars across a universe of white. Not even birds breach the air, and there rises with you the notion that stillness is more enriching than motion, listening is more empowering than distraction and slow, measured steps feel more graceful than speed. Ah, I’m growing old, you say – then marvel at how young and new and invigorated it makes you feel.”

Your calendar is your yoga mat. See the space first. And allow the spaciousness to remain even as you step into creating your schedule. Your plan for your days. Your life. Fill out around your space and discover what awaits in the quiet.

Be well,

Sampling the Space – An Online Preview

I have arrived. I am home.

Life is so funky. It is made up of these awesome ego created dualities (sorry if that isn’t a real word). One of my personal favorites that rolls around in my head:

“EVERYBODY look at me when I’m great and doing awesome!”


“NO ONE look at me when I’m screwing up or not at my best.”

Sound familiar? If it doesn’t, I commend you and no there isn’t anything wrong with you to NOT think this. If it does sound familiar, please know I am with you. I feel you. I see you. You are not alone.

Our bodies are an awesome way in for cultivating more ease and less bashing of our selves. When I’m in the thick of one of those moments of “NO ONE SEE ME BECAUSE I’M DEFINITELY NOT AT MY BEST!”, my whole body gets that message too and wears it both inside my skin with how it prickles and roughly grates, on the surface with how I curl in toward my ribs, and in my emotions as my jaw is held tightly against those around me.

Oh, yes. My type A, perfectionist, and so many less appealing ways of saying it storms can rage in full tantrum some days.

And… if I can be a bit gentler on myself even for a few minutes, there is a beautiful trickle down effect. I find that after a practice of being with my body in exploration instead of achievement, I don’t want out of it. I don’t feel the need for it – or me – to be different or better. I feel it’s spaciousness and amazing ability. I’m no longer straining and tensing up or holding my breath to manufacture strength; I’m using the space and the smooth efficiency of my bones to BE strength.

Want to explore for yourself?

I’ve attached a sample Body Tending clip from my upcoming series, “Embrace the Space.” I designed this program with the foundation of exploring a short and small bite of time to be at ease in your body. Not fighting it, not yelling at it, and not even forcing it. Just allowing it to do what it is meant to do. And allowing ourselves to experience a taste of “Home” just as we are.

I am perfectly imperfect me in these clips. I invite you to come as you are as well.

Details of the program are included in my last blog post:

The program starts on Sunday, October 8th and finishes Saturday, November 18th at 3:30 p.m.with an in-person group debrief over homemade Chai. The cost is $79.

I would be ever so grateful if you could share this program with anyone that might be interested. Or, if you know of someone that might simply enjoy the way that I consider life, yoga and movement, please do forward along this note with the suggestion they signup for my newsletter here.

Email me to signup for “Embrace the Space..” What could it look like – what could it feel like – if we chose a collective shift toward more space and less stuck? Why not test it and find out?

Be well,

Body Tending – An Online Program

I’m over the moon and the recent eclipsed sun to share this with you. I’m also a bit petrified. Because this is new ground for me. My heart is shaky and my throat thick because it feels like I’m stepping off of terra firma. Interestingly enough, offering this program is MY baby step. My unease with venturing into the unknown tells me I’m on track. There is a magnetism I am feeling to share tools of ease and settledness more broadly – tools that allow us to be in the thick of it and still taste joy. I think that statement sounds like a paradox to my rational brain – to be in the thick of it and still taste joy –  and yet my experience tells me it is totally possible. For all. And so I take a deep breath, exhale, and open my heart and creativity for you to consider.

Ready for our baby step? Join an online practice with me:

Embrace the Space –
40 days of body tending

What is it?
A 40 day practice exploration. A weekly 10-15 minute video of a handful of therapeutic yoga explorations for you to repeat as prescribed by you throughout the week.

Each Sunday morning for six weeks, you will receive a 10-15 minute video clip. Depending upon the week and what’s up for me, I’ll pull from my bag of tricks including unique ball work, my signature small range of motion movements, sneaky hard movements in traditional asana, breathwork, reflex integration, rhythmic movement (excellent for anxiety), desk yoga, and pelvic floor / core integration.

More to come below on this next piece but you pick realistic frequency and days for your practice that week. You pick time of day. YOU enter it on the calendar. And you honor it.

You’ll also have the opportunity to make comments and ask questions below the video clip. I will send regular group responses either via email or by new video post to themes that arise in these comments / questions. These posts will act as ongoing support and encouragement for you through connection with fellow students and ongoing guidance from me.

When is it?
Sunday, October 8th – Friday, November 17th

Including regular answers to questions and messages of support from me to the full group of students by either email or video message.

Finally, there will be a small group meeting on Saturday, November 18th from 3:30-4:30 p.m. at Long Life Wellness Center in Cary to discuss what you noticed, what you learned, and any questions as you move forward with your own personal home practice. My homemade chai tea will be in abundance to share! If you live outside of the Triangle area, we’ll have a 15 minute phone call instead. Sadly, it will be sans chai (unless I make my own cup and you make your own).

Why now?
Because I miss seeing you guys in group classes. And because it’s NOT New Year’s. Allow me to rant for a moment… New Year’s is a bust of a time for me to make change. You (meaning cultural norms YOU) want ME to swing from gluttony into purity? Want to see an awesome crash and burn? Just watch this girl with a New Year’s resolution. Or not. Because I don’t really do them anymore. Instead, I use a time when I know things are shifting just a tad already. Like the change of seasons that invites a different pace but not quite as much of a 1000 volt to the heart “CLEAR!” shock to the system. [Close rant.]

Why 40 days?
Because 40 days is the traditional timeline in Ayurveda (an ancient and sophisticated mind-body health system) needed to rebuild tissues or to “set a new groove” (my terms).

Anything else?
Yes. You’ll be accountable for your practice. I can structure the tools for you to utilize but you have to own this change for yourself. I can’t want it more for you than you do.

Here’s how it will go:

Each Sunday morning when you receive your weekly “Body Tending” video link, you’ll look at your calendar for the upcoming week, consider all the things going on in your week, and decide what a practical daily commitment is for you for that week.  Whether you think it is practical for you to do the 10-15 minute practice all 7 days, 3 days, 1 day or anything in between… the point is that you make a date on your calendar for times you know you can honor. You’re making dates with yourself and you’re building a relationship of trust and accountability in your ability to S L O W   D O W N. The key is to make your plan realistic and doable.

Next, you will actually make calendar entries for your practice on the days / times you’ve chosen in step #1. You can do this on your electronic calendar but I’d also like you to write it down on a hard copy paper calendar that I’ll send to you. You’ll block the time off – send an invitation to yourself electronically if you want to make it a real date! This “calendaring” is key to success because you will be experimenting with a new habit and old habits feed on “I’ll just fit it in on the fly.”

New habits grow in the space of a clear plan like, you know, a scheduled realistic commitment on a calendar.

Now you’ll hang up the paper calendar where you will see it every day. Don’t skip this step.

Every day after you complete your 10-15 minute practice, cross that day off on your paper calendar (like my 7 year old does when he is counting down to a lake weekend).

The following Sunday, you will start again at step 1.

IMPORTANT: Take it one week at a time. You might be pulled to say at the start, “I will do this 5 times per week for the entire 40 days!” Pause. Breathe. Step back from your awesome driven self. And go week by week. Please trust me on this piece.

At the end of the 40 days, you’ll pop your archaically awesome paper calendar including crossed out days and all into your bag, and we’ll meet and chat about how it went.

What is the cost?
The cost of the program is $79 including a 10-15 minute weekly video (and all prior videos for the term of the program totaling roughly 90 minutes of content), regular check-ins from me, and the final 60 minute group debrief.

That’s it.

That’s your commitment. Make a personalized plan for your therapeutic home practice each week. Like ACTUALLY enter it on your calendar.  Then, set your alarm (bedroom or phone) for your times. Get up and do the practice clip for that week. Cross off the day on your calendar. Ask questions and make comments as you go along below the video and receive group guidance by email and video message on how to keep chugging along. Debrief with me at the end of the 40 days either by phone for 15 minutes or in a small group setting with fellow Space Makers (oh… you have a group name now!). And you’re accountable. To me and to yourself.

In more concise terms:
Make YOUR plan.
Follow YOUR plan.
Refine and repeat.

Practice is required to gain competency in anything that we do. That holds just as true for the practice of embracing space. I have absolutely no doubt that you can change your story. That you can find more ease and less effort. That there is S P A C E available to you. And that it is closer than you think.

I’m quite excited to work with those who are ready to step up and out. Like my heart is literally pitter pattering as I write this. There is always more. Email me to signup.

Be well,

Baby Steps

Serving my body daily with movement, stillness and breath tells it that I’m on its side. That I’m not fighting it even when I ask it to “push through” for a sprint. That it will get predictable love and attention within 24 hours.

And with that evolving relationship of listen and respond, my body and I are getting along so much better than we used to. Funny that… communication is the key to relationships and yet I for one spent years in a one sided relationship effectively YELLING at my body on when and how I wanted it to step up. Oops.

Live and learn. But without the flippancy to it. For real, live and learn.

How did I get started on this new pattern of listening and responding to my body? Baby steps. I made a very simple and very realistic plan to regularly respond to its needs. And low and behold, it worked. The change stuck. And I’ve since made many other life shifts in a similar sneaky to my brain / ego kind of way. Baby steps are more difficult to argue my way out of than grand and glorious makeovers of ME. Trainer in the past? Dropped her because I always had something better to do. Cutting sugar and carbs? Too inconvenient with kiddos around. In fact, in the past I generally avoided self improvement because it felt like WAY too much work.

And then I realized there was an entirely different way of changing.

Grand and glorious plans are awesome in theory but I have an equally awesome way of arguing my way out of them. They involve too much life shift for me to absorb comfortably. I perceive that I’m having to give up too much of my way of being and doing with huge life makeovers. But the “ah-ha” from my experience is that once a baby step – which is much more difficult to argue my way out of – takes hold as a new pattern, it can be an incredible impetus for more positive change because I have now experienced my ability to serve my body and feel better.

And I know – I know – that my clients who are feeling amazing ALL have a regular home movement practice. Sure, they might miss a day here or there at times. We all do. But they keep stepping back on the train. And they keep getting better. Breathing better. Feeling better. Less stressed, less anxious, less pain, and better sleep.

Curious? I’ve got something new that I’m offering as a baby step for you. Stay tuned for the next round of my mashed up rantings and musings.

There is always more. Are you ready for it?

Take good care,

It Takes a Village


Let’s do a quick episode recap. Two posts ago, I told you how I crashed and burned in an overdose of vacation and family. Then, in my last post, we started into how I find my feet again after a bout of instability. I talked a bit about how feeling into the tired – and not ignoring it – allows me to respond more accurately to what my body is requesting from me. And thus to feel so much more joy in my life.

Rest and reset time isn’t the only key to what I’m discovering is a lighter and sweeter way of living. Another core component is that of embracing the web of support that exists for me. I’m a master of doing and achieving on my own. A part of me believes that if I don’t do it solo, then it doesn’t count. And another part of me (the part that is quieter and more loving and easier to hear when I am rested), knows I am not meant to do this on my own. That connection and support is an inherent part of my experience as a mother, a daughter, a teacher, a friend… a human.

When thinking of this post, I immediately thought of a photo from our wedding day in which my new husband and I stand surrounded by every guest at our wedding. Friends, family, absolutely everyone. It hangs in my bedroom and when I choose to really see it, it reminds me of how full life is. How much support exists when I choose to embrace it. To feel it. To live hand in hand with it. But unfortunately I thought it unlikely that I could get photo releases from over 100 people for this post. Instead, I’m representing my web of support with this beautiful image of my sister and me. Support to me feels like the qualities of this photo. Light, unfiltered, steady and soft. And it can come from so many places. Not just what you might initially think.

Allow yourself to feel support in your world. Let it pour over you – names, faces, roles. Support may come from your family, friends, colleagues, physicians, nurse practitioners, therapists, animals, yoga teachers, the nail technician that gave you a pedicure last week, your massage therapist, or your acupuncturist. Those whom act as part of your web. Those who give you a soft space to land and to be you just as you are. Those who hold you. Those who give you safe ground to be you. Unabashedly. Honestly.

Try this. Perhaps now and then again on your mat next time you’re in class or practicing at home.

1. Feel you now. Head. Shoulders. Belly. Hips. Knees. Feet.

2. Now. Feel your support. Close your eyes, see the faces and perhaps envision them surrounding you or even standing behind you. Whether 1 person or 10 people, just see them.

3.  Take 5 breaths just feeling and seeing the faces. Release thinking or analyzing.
Just breathe and feel.

4. And now, feel you. Head. Shoulders. Belly. Hips. Knees. Feet.

5. What do you notice?

As my Teacher recently said to me, you must live this life on your own. You must own your actions. You must make your choices. You must discover your results.
But you do not have to do it alone.

It takes a village. Feel your’s.

Be well,