come practice with me

As I re-read last week’s blog post after it was published, I giggled at myself. Nowhere – absolutely nowhere – in the email subject or header line did I mention the fact that there was an actual class offering included. oopsie. Email marketing folks for sure rolled their eyes knowingly at my novice oversight. Self-awareness junkies may have thought, “Well, […]

i don’t wanna’

I don’t wanna’. I don’t wanna’ write. I don’t wanna’ do yoga. I don’t wanna’ go on a walk. I don’t wanna’ meditate. I don’t wanna’ eat healthily. I don’t wanna’ clean the playroom. I don’t wanna’ travel. I don’t wanna’ have a migraine. I don’t wanna’ make a decision on my kids’ school for […]

don’t break the rules

A text message from my husband to his family late last week includes: “I’m grumpy today.” The subsequent replies from my husband’s family read along the lines of: “What!? Don’t be grumpy!” “There’s no point in being grumpy.” “What’s up with you!?” And his well meaning father the next day (in all seriousness) says to him […]

what do you see?

I have some words that I wrote in a journal years ago, There is no comfort in growth, And no growth in comfort. hmm. Curious words I put together. I suppose they are partly true. But they are not the whole truth. (Is it ever really?) Because if we can allow ourselves to trust the […]

dragon riding

Ruthie is beside herself tonight. Which means wailing like a wounded animal in the next room, “I want Mama, I want Mama!” I can understand how one might roll their eyes at these words on this page while thinking, “Oh, another temper tantrum from a kid.” But this wail is different than a cajoling or […]

zoom crash flash float

Bahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………….. I’m toast right now. And not crunchy buttery perfectly melt in your mouth light brown toast. I’m burnt and crispy and crumbling toast. Right now. At this minute. On this day. I can’t tell you much about yesterday. It’s a bit of an eternity in itself. I can’t tell you much about tomorrow as […]

the kids are right

7 year old Ruthie stands beside the kitchen table and whines, “ughhh… does anyone know how to get rid of growing pains?” She cringes as she dramatically doubles over and presses her fingertips up and down her left foot in slow, dragging strokes. “DUHHHHHHH….” bellows our clearly youngest child, Nora, “Just WAIT for it to go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” huh. Ruthie […]

I miss her

A few days ago, a lovely woman passed on from this life. I’d known her since I was 10 years old. Privately, I called her “Mrs. Claus” for her rosy red cheeks, stout body and chortle of a laugh. Fittingly, she made cookies that melted in your mouth like a popsicle on one of these […]