I once wrote in a self reflection for my Yoga Therapy Certification program, “It’s like when I talk (in a session), I could actually discover more in the silence. And when I’m silent, I have something that really should be said.” There is beauty here in the silence. There is soft current here in the […]

Shine On

It is just after 7:00 a.m. and 4 year old Nora knocks gently. “Come in,” I say and she opens the door grinning widely. She takes a few small steps across my tiny master bedroom and “oofs” herself up onto the bed. She flops belly to belly on me and rests her chin on my […]

Shoulda’ Coulda’

“What’s reality?” 9 year old John asks me this morning as he looks up from his graphic novel, Dogman. I freeze a little. Well, I’m actually already frozen because the tissue inside of my shoulder blade HURTS LIKE THE DICKENS. It is cranky beyond words upon awakening today. Definitely a full out 10 rating on […]

A Grand Dragon

Summer’s heat has built up inside of me. And something wants to bust out. My jaw is held. My chest is tight. My throat is tough. And man are my ears ever braced against the world out there. It is loud. It is all so very loud. In this very moment, I want to scream. […]

Fly Free

Greg is drying off a dripping 4 year old Nora just outside the tiny bathroom in my parent’s lake house. She is shivering as the pink terry towel rubs around on her sturdy little body. “Daddy, tell me the truth,” And without pause, she revises to, “Daddy, tell me a weird truth.” I smile from the kitchen […]


It is summer. My kids are tracked out for 5 weeks from year round school. And I am basking in the heaven of their light. I’ve turned down the dial on work and doing. I’ve turned up the dial on outside and play. And it is glorious. The sky is so big out there. Go […]

To Bear Witness

To bear witness to suffering is a trust fall into our deep human resilience. To bear witness is to surrender into the not knowing how any individual’s path is meant to unfold. To bear witness is an explorer’s journey into soft heart and expanding eyes. To bear witness is to let judgments loosen and to […]

Maui Day 2

My arm continues to heal. And does not wish to type yet. Thus, another installment of Maui for you. It makes me smile as I see my ride on the round about of time. Back again in the moment of surrendering to less. Time is a jolly jokester making us think she is linear. Back […]