A hand raised in the Classroom

I received some awesome feedback on the video version of my written blog this week. I want to share it – and my subsequent digestion of it – with you. You can reach the new reflection clip through the play button on the image above or here. There is space for all of us. No part left behind. Take good […]

The Classroom

  Before we jump into one of my mind’s most recent wanderings, I want to share that I’m experimenting with filming a video version of me reading the current blog. Check it out here if you desire to watch and listen instead of read. And please share with others as it may serve. Sending gratitude. […]


I don’t have any great words for you right now. No eloquent speech or captivating story. Instead, I have simple words. Objective sensations. Tight and pulsing and throbbing ears. So much hard and sharp that meets them – so much of what we deem to be loud. Of my children. Of the news. Of my […]

Fix Not. Fuel Not.

    How very curious. In my last note, I wrote about Not Knowing. I wrote about what Not Knowing feels like in my body. I wrote about what Not Knowing feels like in my thoughts. I know that right now we are in wide company in our Not Knowing. And I know how terrifying that can feel. Frozen […]

Say Anything

I’m scared. I’m a bit numb. I feel flawed and out done. I see the many many yoga teachers, movement experts and mindfulness teachers who surround me and my comparative mind wanders again and again to “What do I have to contribute?” The same piece of me watches my family and sees their impact as […]

Love Is

My kids have decided that jumping through a hoola hoop is the game of the moment. I hold the hoop at the directed height of the given offspring. He or she takes the mark, runs full out and then adopts the chosen approach to get through the hoop. Almost 5 year old Nora skips the jump part […]

Mama, what is…

Nora and I are driving down Interstate 40, cars whizzing by left and right. The world in motion. We somehow sit in stillness inside of this 4,000 pound box of metal (I looked that up. Yipes!). Her voice comes out of the quiet, “Mama, what is ‘weak’?” Simple questions can stall my brain. This one […]

Stepping Out

Welcome to 2020. It is glorious to be here with you. Our little family of 5 has begun a new tradition in the past couple of months. It is that of “thanking ourselves.” We sit at the dinner table and if someone has something they know they did but also know that others won’t really […]


Nora is fast forwarding in this moment. She knows that kindergarten is approaching and yet at 4 ½, she has very little concept of it being six months away. We are driving in the car in silence to pick up her brother and sister from school and out of the silence emerge her crisp and […]