The Big Beautiful

“John,” I say to my 8 year old who stands on the other side of our green like the sea waves of a counter top, “what word would you use to describe me?” “What!?” the kid exclaims as he looks at me with saucer on-the-spot eyes. My husband snickers beside me and freezes. He leans […]

Take Me Down

I have procrastinated until the 11th hour on this message to you all. Even as I write, I can feel the sinuses below my eyes pulsing, the left side of my jaw subtly aching, and my right temple alive with some kind of little sharp stabbing thing. I feel exhausted. For a multitude of reasons known […]

Quiet Messenger

It is Monday afternoon and I pause in the parking lot of my office. A conscious infusion of Being between seeing clients and getting into my car to return to kiddos. The bright morning sunshine has faded but the hints of spring are in the buds of the trees, the back and forth of the birds, and […]

’20-21 PRY Teacher Training

I considered not sending this note in this way. The doubts abound: “What if they don’t understand the program?” “What if I’m not explaining how it can benefit them?” “What if I didn’t include enough about how I teach asana differently?” What if… what if… what if…. But then, I received and read my teacher […]

Coming Home

“What did you learn in Hawaii!?” “How was your trip?” “What was it like with your teachers?” hmm… how to use a limited supply of words to convey the infinite rainbow of feeling is ever the adventure. Let’s explore. I am now back at my house. I am back with my husband and kiddos. I am back […]


John again this round. On Saturday, my 8 1/2 year old rode his bike alone around the neighborhood for the first time. Big stuff in a small pond of a life. He awoke and greeted us with the feel (and show) of heavy, sharp and hard in his body and Being. He grumbled about – […]

To See Anew

My New Year’s resolution is… to jump rope. My 8 year old son and I are doing this together. We started yesterday and we did it again today. Right now, I want to do 50 jumps per day. But I recognize that some days, I may simply step through the rope a single time. Some days, […]

A Deferential Bow

On this New Year’s Day, I humbly and respectfully share the wisdom of Neil Gaiman. May we all breathe into his skill for translating life into words for sharing. —- Excerpt from Neil Gaiman’s Journal, December 31, 2018 Be kind to yourself in the year ahead.  Remember to forgive yourself, and to forgive others. It’s too easy to […]

Just This

“What was I thinking?” I say to my husband. To which he replies, “I think you were feeling. I think the problem is that you’re thinking NOW.” For a very brief moment, I stop my spin on “Who do you think you are? What do you know anyhow?” in reflection on my offering of a class […]

Full Up

I tap out right now. I have found immense courage in the wake of grief this year – courage to step out and be ever more seen. Courage to offer programs, classes, and words that stepped onto ground that I thought was untouchable. Courage to love more deeply – and likely to have my heart […]