the kids are right

7 year old Ruthie stands beside the kitchen table and whines, “ughhh… does anyone know how to get rid of growing pains?” She cringes as she dramatically doubles over and presses her fingertips up and down her left foot in slow, dragging strokes. “DUHHHHHHH….” bellows our clearly youngest child, Nora, “Just WAIT for it to go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” huh. Ruthie […]

I miss her

A few days ago, a lovely woman passed on from this life. I’d known her since I was 10 years old. Privately, I called her “Mrs. Claus” for her rosy red cheeks, stout body and chortle of a laugh. Fittingly, she made cookies that melted in your mouth like a popsicle on one of these […]

Has your heart done this today?

“Shelter! Let’s take shelter from the rain!” 7 year old Ruthie exclaims to Nora as she scurries her doll into the pink and yellow dollhouse. My ears perk. “Shelter.” Right. Shelter can be Grace. A pause from the deluge of chaos and confusion. My mind is easily side tracked these days into how to have […]

Into the Woods

There’s heat in my belly. It’s a yearning to help. It’s an intensity wired into my Being. To do something. I’ve written and written and written over the past two weeks. But I haven’t sent you any of it. I don’t have writer’s block. But I do have sharer’s block. I worry that I’ll say […]

A hand raised in the Classroom

I received some awesome feedback on the video version of my written blog this week. I want to share it – and my subsequent digestion of it – with you. You can reach the new reflection clip through the play button on the image above or here. There is space for all of us. No part left behind. Take good […]

The Classroom

  Before we jump into one of my mind’s most recent wanderings, I want to share that I’m experimenting with filming a video version of me reading the current blog. Check it out here if you desire to watch and listen instead of read. And please share with others as it may serve. Sending gratitude. […]


I don’t have any great words for you right now. No eloquent speech or captivating story. Instead, I have simple words. Objective sensations. Tight and pulsing and throbbing ears. So much hard and sharp that meets them – so much of what we deem to be loud. Of my children. Of the news. Of my […]

Fix Not. Fuel Not.

    How very curious. In my last note, I wrote about Not Knowing. I wrote about what Not Knowing feels like in my body. I wrote about what Not Knowing feels like in my thoughts. I know that right now we are in wide company in our Not Knowing. And I know how terrifying that can feel. Frozen […]

Say Anything

I’m scared. I’m a bit numb. I feel flawed and out done. I see the many many yoga teachers, movement experts and mindfulness teachers who surround me and my comparative mind wanders again and again to “What do I have to contribute?” The same piece of me watches my family and sees their impact as […]