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Pure resilience is a phrase that aptly describes my amazing grandmother. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 30 years of age and she lived in quiet pain for over fifty years. I never heard her complain once and she continually pushed through to engage in the numerous joys of her life. The intensity of her pain was her normal and she resigned herself to it.

A number of years after starting my yoga teacher journey, I stumbled upon Susi Hately’s Functional Synergy therapeutic yoga and immediately began to wonder how I could honor my grandmother’s life by sharing this empowering work with those who were in a similar struggle. Furthermore, how could I support the incredible people that I encountered everyday in my yoga group classes as they grimaced and groaned through postures meant to balance their bodies? As I delved into the approach further, I uncovered how it could potentially transform those in chronic pain, those in acute pain and those experiencing areas of general tension or “stuckness” in a specific area of the body.

Come and explore with me. Let’s embrace an intention of curiosity in your body’s potential. After all, who really knows the magnificent extent to which you are capable? Let’s create space to explore together.

Working with Rachel has made a dramatic difference in the quality of my life! In just 5 sessions, she has helped me alleviate years of upper back, shoulder, and neck tension. I feel as though 50 lbs have been magically lifted off of my shoulders! I never would have imagined that I hold the key to relieving my chronic muscle tension. I find myself with a better mood, have more energy to interact with my patients and family, and overall, feel more centered and peaceful. This is an amazing technique and I would highly recommend it to anyone. I eagerly look forward to continuing my work with Rachel to achieve a more balanced, pain free, and functional body.
Anjana, Age 38 ─ Medical Doctor

I’ve had Rheumatoid Arthritis for 27 years and am always searching for ways to alleviate/lesson the pain and to be more flexible.  My areas of pain or tension are usually my lower back, my neck and my feet and also where I usually carry more stress.  In working with Rachel and Therapeutic Yoga, I have been amazed at how such subtle, gentle movements can help me feel better; how they are adjusting the baseline from which I operate.  It’s all about the “base” and re-training my brain to focus on one specific area and by doing that, I love how such a small movement can create such a big effect!  Rachel is an amazing, intuitive teacher.  Her knowledge, encouragement and teaching style is a beautiful channel for improvement and comfort!  My lower back is improved from when I started and I’m really liking that a “little” goes a “long way”!

Anna, Age 67
I was suffering from daily headaches and neck tension, with no relief from medication, stretching, or exercise. My wife recommended I try therapeutic yoga. Rachel was able to work with me and help me get to the cause of  the issue, which I was then able to correct and relieve all tension and headaches.  She listened and asked great questions, which was the most helpful. I am now pain free!
Michael, Age 44 ─ Director of Video, Capstone Production Group

I thought yoga was something I could do safely to provide me with a little peace and grounding. What I didn’t realize is that year-after-year of playing basketball throughout my youth and into college had taken a toll on my body. My knees were shot, arthritis was creeping in, and my shoulders definitely weren’t able to support many poses. I had resigned myself to just putting up with the pain. That’s when Rachel suggested I give therapeutic yoga a try. I was a nervous and sometimes skeptical student. How could something so simple change my practice? In the end, I can say it actually changed my life. After a few sessions, I was able to learn the modifications to practice yoga more safely. More than that – I learned how to change the way my body moves throughout the day. If I feel those familiar pings of pain coming, I know what I need to do to reset my body. I haven’t experienced the gut-wrenching pain since my last session with Rachel. Therapeutic yoga is real and it works. If you’re skeptical, give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

Mary, Age 35 ─ Marketing Consultant

Following Rachel’s caring and gentle direction, I like to think of “Therapeutic Yoga” as “Mindfulness Yoga”- slowing down and focusing on the breath and what is really happening within my body – rather than the body perfect of what I envision from the yoga pictures. Rachel’s expertise has helped me feel the bones and the muscles of my body – to relax those that have become dominant and to strengthen those that are lazy – in an “effortless effort” synchronization of my movement. With her keen eye and her knowledge, Rachel has me work on areas that may be causing me pain rather than on the pain area itself which wonderfully has eliminated a lot of muscle pain. She has taken my yoga practice and daily movement to a whole different level. And it has been fun!

Betsy, Age 72
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